Life Learning Academia is an exclusive provider of a certification program called ‘Learning Brand’ with which companies and public institutions become Learning Organizations.

Our ultimate goal is to screen as many Learning organisations as possible. Regarding different market situations, we managed to develop a unique method called »Learning Brand«. Here are a few facts about what we have achieved and where we are heading. With approximately 120 companies and over 130.000 members in our Club Life Learning Academia we share knowledge in over 20 countries around the world.

Life Learning Academia, an institution for the certification of Learning Organizations under the Learning Brand process, was established in 2009 with the purpose of offering organizations that join the Learning Organizations process content to upgrade their work and, at the same time, create environments that enable employee career and personal growth, and increase their desire to stay and work.

Life Learning Academia offers its services in Slovenia and abroad to institutions willing to buy into its program and disseminate it in their countries.

Life Learning Academia endeavours to connect all key players in the field of knowledge and skills development, that is, companies, the government, civil society, and the like, and carry out joint activities and campaigns to raise broader public awareness of the necessity and importance of knowledge.

Life Learning Academia supports the transfer, implementation and upgrade of knowledge and concepts required by individuals to correspond with Slovenia’s situation and needs, whilst, at the same time, enabling the exchange of Slovenian knowledge and experiences with foreign experts, companies and organisations.

Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Learning Organizations

The Chairman of Learning Organizations works to establish closer connection and collaboration amongst organisations included in the process under the Learning Brand programme with the aim of annually supplementing the programme based on guidelines provided by the Expert Council.

The Chairman of Learning Organizations is also charged with promoting and informing organizations of the importance of knowledge connection at various levels for their own benefit and for the benefit of the society.

The Chairman of Learning Organizations performs this function for two years. At present, the Chairman of Learning Organizations is Tine Svoljšak, Director of Procura SŽ ŽGP.

The Chairman of Learning Organizations substitutes for the Chairman in cases of absence, and assists the Chairman in all activities.

The Vice-Chairman of Learning Organizations performs this function for two years. At present, the Vice-Chairman of Learning Organizations is Eva Cvelbar Primožič, HR Director from Kolektor d.d.



Through connecting, researching, educating, consulting and promoting, Life Learning Academia supports the development of knowledge in Slovenia and globally. In doing so, it collaborates with Slovenian and foreign experts, institutions, organisations, governments and companies, thereby contributing to the exchange of knowledge and experience.

To remain a well-established platform in Slovenia and abroad for connectors, researchers and experts in the field of concept creation for exchange, acquisition and upgrading organizational knowledge, thereby importantly contributing to the development of knowledge and, consequently, corporate social responsibility and the society in general for the next decade.

Life Learning Academia offers companies and public institutions a program for better developing internal organizational operations and creating environments within which employees can grow both personally and in terms of career, and wholeheartedly endeavours to foster media support for the development of knowledge and implements other activities in the field of developing and establishing knowledge and skills.

Life Learning Academia’s activities are: 
- development;

- research;
- consulting; 
- education and training; 
- information dissemination;
- promotion;
- connecting;

- raising awareness; and 
- charity.

Life Learning Academia’s Programming Board (PSLLA)

Life Learning Academia’s Programming Board coordinates and implements adopted projects at the Life Learning Academia level, these projects aimed improving the work of individuals and the Board.


Life Learning Academia’s Expert Council (SSLLA)
The Expert Council prepares suggestions and informs members of current change, issues and offers that may improve the work of their R&D and HR departments, and other individuals professionally engaged in these fields.

Its suggestions and guidelines help improve the Learning Brand process. It is composed of company representatives, particularly HR directors, expert association representatives, the media, civil society, and other experts.

The Expert Council is managed and organised by Director of Life Learning Academia Marjetka Kastner, Chairman of Learning Organizations Tine Svoljšak, and Vice-Chairman of Learning Organizations Eva Cvelbar Primožič.

Life Learning Academia’s Research Council (RSLLA)
Life Learning Academia’s Scientific and Research Centre supplements Life Learning Academia content in the field of R&D and Scientific Development.

It has its own Research Council connecting and directing the R&D and scientific development being carried out by the various authors in Slovenia and globally who create Learning Organizations’ concepts. Together, they create new connections, improve existing concepts and create guidelines for organizations.

Life Learning Academia’s Research Council participates in Slovenian and global expert and science conferences in order to obtain new knowledge and skills, contacts, and possibilities for publishing articles in esteemed, first-rate science magazines.

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Learning Brand

‘Learning Brand’ is an international certification method for organisations (Economic , Educational and Public organisations) created by Marjetka Kastner and developed at Life Learning Academia Slovenia.  


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Learning Point

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