Life Learning Academia is an exclusive provider of a certification program called ‘Learning Brand’ with which companies and public institutions become Learning Organizations.

Our ultimate goal is to screen as many Learning organisations as possible. Regarding different market situations, we managed to develop a unique method called »Learning Brand«. Here are a few facts about what we have achieved and where we are heading. With approximately 120 companies and over 130.000 members in our Club Life Learning Academia we share knowledge in over 20 countries around the world.

INTERNATIONAL MENTORS CONFERENCE – Presentation of mentoring programs

The results show that formal knowledge today is not enough for employers. They also expect practical knowledge and experience. Individuals can get you from mentors.

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Become A Learning organisation and get competitive advantage!

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Our products

Learning Brand

‘Learning Brand’ is an international certification method for organisations (Economic , Educational and Public organisations) created by Marjetka Kastner and developed at Life Learning Academia Slovenia.  


Life Learning Club  Your global knowledge place for personal and professional growth. The Life Learning Club allows members of various nationalities to come together and learn.  With a lot of seminars, workshops, roundtables… this club is the place to learn, share

Learning Point

The results of studies have shown that the ability to understand and perceive certain subject matters in various ways and in a different environment delivers positive effects. This is what learning points are based on, as they trigger various ways of

Calendar of courses for club members

Selected partners deal for educational programs

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