One of Slovenia’s top chefs, Janez Bratovž, from the legendary JB Restaurant, releases his second book which, in addition to recipes, reveals the background to this chef’s work; every chapter focuses on one ingredient and how it inspires his creation of unique dishes.

The book, written with international bestselling author Noah Charney, tells stories of twenty suppliers and their ingredients, taking readers on a culinary journey through Slovenia and abroad. The team, made up of Bratovž, Charney, and photographers Manca Jevšček, the creator of the stunning photographs included of this renowned chef’s dishes, and Matjaž Tančič, who has contributed portrait and landscape photographs, visited the chef’s favourite suppliers over a near two-year period, and created a collection of stories marking JB Restaurant’s typical cuisine.

The suppliers presented in the book include urban beekeeper Gorazda Trušnovec from Ljubljana, the renowned vinegar producer and owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant La Subida, Joško Sirk, manager of Piran based Irena Fonda, and pumpkin seed oil maker Kocbek from Prekmurje. Bratovž, emphasises local produce as one of the most important elements of a top-quality dish, devoting two recipes to every ingredient described. Each of the 900 limited edition books has a unique, hand-painted cover symbolising the uniqueness of Bratovž’s dishes.

The book is available for purchase at JB Restaurant and selected bookstores, or you can order it at JB Restaurant’s website.

Photo: Manca Jevšček, JB Restaurant archive