Knowledge for the fourth year in a row on a red carpet!

For the fourth year in a row, Life Learning Academia prepared the Academic Economic Congress, where they awarded certificates in the field of knowledge, certificates to Learning Organizations and named new Knowledge Ambassadors.

This year's meeting and the appointment of new Ambassadors for him, the awarding of the Certificates and Certificates of the Learning Organizations took place on May 31 at the Congress Center in Brdo pri Kranju. In the morning, they prepared an international conference entitled "The Effects of New Knowledge and Technologies in the Organization," where participants listened with interest to presentations and experiences in organizations and the presentation of new Ambassadors of Knowledge. They recognized the awards with good potential from seven different countries (Slovenia, Malta, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Sri Lanka). Each year, the knowledge ambassadors award recognitions, called the Reference, and receive those who stand out with their achievements.

The event is extremely important for individuals, organizations and, ultimately, for Slovenia, as it is becoming a meeting point for individuals with special achievements and organizations from Slovenia and abroad, increasing their visibility and providing opportunities for getting to know and participating. The participants come from 17 different countries. In addition to the promotion of knowledge and education, the AEC event is also aimed at encouraging companies to realize that learning and knowledge are ingredients without which in the future they will not be able to work and be successful, because knowledge due to advanced technological processes and rapid changes in the market is aging faster than ever before. Therefore, it needs to be constantly upgraded and shared, which is becoming more and more aware of the increasing number of organizations that have received the certificate for the Learning Brand-Learning Brand for the fourth consecutive year. It was received by 20 Learning Organizations that successfully completed the process and performed the audit. They were presented by the President of the Learning Organizations Tina Svoljšak and Life Learning Academia President, Marjetka Kastner, mag. business. ved.