Evening event is just like last year dedicated to awards ceremony Reference, Mentor and Learning Organization – Learning Brand. At the evening ceremony the new Ambassadors of knowledge will also receive Appointments – Ambassador of knowledge.

Education and connection is the key to exceede the achievements in the private and business spheres. This year, Life Learning Academia in association with the Ambassadors of Knowledge and Mentors is organizing the major annual event in the region for the third successive year. This formal event is called

“The Effects of Knowledge Transfer and Connection”

In the morning time, we will hold an international knowledge connection conference called “The Effects of Knowledge Transfer and Connection”. The various speakers will include recognized international guests. The evening event is reserved for the awards in the area of knowledge and for the appointment of new Ambassadors of Knowledge from all over the world. More information is to follow. We would like to invite you to mark Wednesday, 8th June 2016, at 6pm in your calendars. It will be our honour if you attend the event as our appreciated guest.

Conference procedings