What is the ' Learning BRAND – learning ORGANISATION ' and what makes Life LEARNING Academia stand out from other CRAs or providers?

The Certification process is completely guided by Life Learning Academia, which also issues the certificates. Guidance is available by fill-out forms sent by email to the co-ordinators of cooperating organisations. Forms are very simple to fill up and very useful for their own organisation data.

' Learning Organisation – Learning the Brand ' is an International Certification process for all organisations * No matter, what they are doing and how samall or the big they are.

Academia started with the program for Learning organizations – Learning Brand on 1st September and 1st January and end of the process on the 30th March next year. All this organizations, upon the successful completion of the process, receive a certificate for becoming a learning Organisation – Learning Brand.

The purpose of the Learning Brand is to use the knowledge of its employees and to upgrade the existing processes inside the organisations.

What We establishe and upgrade

With The Learning organistaion – Learning Brand processes We slowly establish better results within the following areas of the organisations:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Creating good teams
  • Good organistaion atmosphere and cultures
  • Ecology
  • Ethics
  • Such demining concepts
  •  Social responsibility


The ' Learning Organisation – Learning Brand ' process ensures continuous organisational education at different levels. Every year organisations implement one of the ' Learning Brand ' processes to upgrade their operations. After improving all of these processes organisations will know how to manage better the acquired knowledge of their own employees and have better business results.

A Learning Organization Learning Brand is an Organization that profits from the potential of its employees and creates a working environment, where its employees can develop personally and professionally.

The characteristics of the processes within the learning Organisation – Learning Brand certification is not simply about making money, but making money by making people happy within their workplace.

Time Table of Process

The certificates are awarded annually at the Academic Economic Congress (AEC) event. The event is every year in the first week and June.