The International Mentoring Conference is an event where various mentoring programmes are presented and the creators of said programmes, from various institutions, as well as users needing mentoring programmes in their organisations meet.

The conference is hosted in a different country every year to ensure great variety in terms of presented programmes and enhanced connectivity of creators and users.

*The expression “organisation” stands for a company or public institution.

The 21st century requires the development of new knowledge and a higher level of employee qualification pursuant to the different way we live our lives and function and, most of all, new market requirements. We are also witness to a radical change in the speed in which work is facilitated work: technological advance constantly shortens the time needed to complete tasks. And we need new knowledge and skills to better utilise such technological advance.

At the same time, we are faced with another challenge, that of five generations interlaced and working together in medium-size and large organisation. The transfer of information and knowledge needed to overcome daily challenges has, thus, become one of the basic processes in organisations. And this has increased the need for the creation of the various mentoring programmes needed by organisations; and in such contemporary programmes   mentors may be younger than mentees, as they are generally more ICT literate, or older, passing on wisdom gained through practical experience.

Life Learning Academia as creator and connecter of knowledge acquisition, spread and transfer processes has supported mentoring since its inception.

In order to recognise programmes carried out in Slovenia, the first Mentoring Organisation was organised in 2017, presenting more than 17 programmes, which is a lot for such a small country, and, as the majority of organisations were focused on the global market, the event was naturally upgraded to include global collaboration. The first International Mentoring Conference was held in Slovenia, subsequent meeting will take place in a different country every year. The current host country will be given the opportunity to choose the subsequent country to host the International Mentoring Conference.