Life at Life Learning Academia


People and culture make Life Learning Academia a great place to work.


That’s what the people at Life Learning Academia say make it one of the best places to work. What’s great about the people? That’s an easy answer. They are exceptional. Each person is unique and valued for that, among the best and brightest in the business, and takes pride in his or her achievements and the success of others.


marjetka_kastnerMarjetka Kastner founder, owner and director of Life Learning Academia, leads the Life Learning Academia and presents the method of ‘Learning Brand’ all around the world.\\





    Tine Svoljšak - President of Learning organizations Learning Brand







Learning Organizations Peers

Jana Šušteršič, univ.dipl.psih.

Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak, master of business economic 

Metka Nežič, msc. 

Ksenija Špiler Božič, bachelor of economics 

Bernarda Bevc Bukovec, msc.


Experts association:

  • Barbara Kitek, Plastika Skaza ,
  • Metka Glas, Studio Moderna,
  • Iva Dominkovič, Lafarge,
  • Metka Nežič,
  • Liliana Brožič, Ministry of defence,
  • Ana Šušteršič, psychological advisor
  • Marjetka Kastner, Life Learning Academia l.t.d. 
  • Darja Vodušek Vtič, Talum d.d.,
  • Mišela Mavrič, Ministrstvo za šolstvo,
  • Bernarda Škrabar
  • Simona Erman
  • Zijad Bećirović
  • Tine Svojlšak

    * Members are from fields of human resource or from fields of developing HR.



Technical Team and administration

Kristjan Kaluža, technology and multimedia administrator

Kristjan graduated as a Media Technician from Middle school of Multimedia and Graphics in Ljubljana. While attending, he also attended private movie academy Artes Liberales. During this time, he has worked as an intern in various TV and radio stations, such as Radio 1 and Radio Študent. He also worked as a sound technician and music writer / producer for several movies, most notable one being »Bele Kopalke«, directed by Lana Bregar.

He is currently attending the Institute and Academy for Multimedia in Ljubljana, specializing in audio production. In the company, he works on the technical side of things, such as administrating web sites, managing social media, managing designs and ocasional video and photography tasks.