The results of studies have shown that the ability to understand and perceive certain subject matters in various ways and in a different environment delivers positive effects. This is what learning points are based on, as they trigger various ways of perceiving information in individuals. Learning points also have other advantages and benefits: they help to increase knowledge about new developments which only certain target groups know about, they promote knowledge, places or organisations where they are placed. Learning points help further develop the knowledge of individuals and they connect knowledge at various levels in a simple, yet effective way. Viewing a teaching point can be combined with a visit to an organisation or the surrounding area where the teaching point is placed; it represents a special experience to individuals or groups of people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Point?

A learning point is a place or an area where individuals can in various ways obtain new knowledge connected with the content presented by the Learning Point.

What is a Learning and Tourist Transversal?

It is a teaching trail composed of various Learning Points.

Where can a Learning Point be placed?

A Learning Point can be placed anywhere where individuals or groups can access it and see its content.

Who can set up a Learning Point?

A Learning Point can be set up by any organisation (public or private) or an individual who believes that it can present a useful teaching content.

What is the purpose of setting up a Learning Tourist Transversal?

Its purpose is to get to know and inform visitors with achievemnts of companies or individuals, and most of all to make visitors informed and educated on different way, especially in practice, as well as other contents.
Learning Points are intended for students, pupils, families, individuals, interest groups, etc.

Benefits of Learning Point

Studies show that the method of understanding and perceiving contents in a different environment (a teaching point) is good, as it triggers certain ways of perceiving the presented information. Learning Points enhance the recognisability of companies and individuals in their own country and abroad. They are attractive to domastic and foreign tourists. Viewing a Learning Point can be combined with a visit to an organisation or the surrounding area where the Learning Point is placed; it represents a special experience to individuals or groups of people.

What should a Learning Point look like?

Since knowledge can be presented or offered in various areas or through objects, technological products, etc., there is no standard about the appearance of a Learning Point. This enables each Learning Point to be creative and unique.

What language is a Learning Point presented in?

A Learning Point is presented in the English language and in the language of the country where it is placed.

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