As part of activities carried out in the field of obtaining and sharing knowledge, “Summer camps” and “Winter camps” have been a very popular learning method outside of domestic country. Such method enables young people to obtain knowledge in a pleasant way, and at the same time it represents a way for them to socialise and gain a priceless experience while getting to know their peers, habits and cultures of other countries.

It needs to be pointed out that such camps are also a venue for various activities, networking and international connections of young people; hence they increase employability and competitiveness.

The purpose of the camps, which we intend to organise, is:

  • to learn foreign languages,
  • to discuss hot topics in selected countries,
  • to carry out ecologic activities,
  • to carry out sports activities, and
  • to promote creativity.

The activities in camps are performed in a period of seven days at various destinations (Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, France).

At the end of each camp, the participants receive the Participation and Education Certificate.

*Participation at learning camps for everyone aged below 18 years must be confirmed by their parents or guardians.
*The learning camps require a minimum of seven participants.