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Club President speaks about velodrome’s tradition and future, the continental team and working with younger members. Welcome to the interview.

Ms Novak, the entire organisation of the club, that is, all of its teams have been presented to the public for the first time in its history; are you satisfied with the current situation and realisation of the club’s vision and strategy of focusing on popularising cycling as a sport and important green mobility element? It is no secret that your club pays great attention to its Adria Cycling School.
Mojca Novak: I am always pleased and proud of our club and its very rich history. We are doing very well in terms of mission realisation, that is, turning cyclists into winners, organising races with an international dimension, promoting cycling as a sport and green mobility element.

It is important that we use all of this to enhance the good reputation and power of our trademark: Adria Mobil Cycling is an internationally recognised cycling team, and the Tour of Slovenia, with its slogan ‘Fight for Green’ is a prestigious cycling event.