Plastika Skaza organised




Despite the one-day postpone of the event, from Saturday to Sunday, the 3rd charity run Skaza's child to children, hosted 800 children, or 80 more than last year.

For the Association of foster parents of Celje, they collected 9,000 euros. Also, the 3,000 euros donations were given to the Athletic Club Velenje and the Velenje Sports Association, which together with the Skaza team organized an excellent and unforgettable event.

Moving the event to Sunday and colder weather did not affect the 3rd Skaza’s charity run. The event was attended by as many as 800 smiling children who were full of energy waiting for their start.
After registration, where each runner received his T-shirt and a gift bag, various children's workshops were followed. The children had the possibility to entertain themselves on the polygon, jumping on inflatable playgrounds, or attending a facial painting. Some of them will remember their attendance due to the big dart on which they could kick the ball.

This year's novelty was the category for mothers and dads with trolleys. The youngest contestant was only 7 months. This year, Mojca from the dance school M dance took care of warming up the crowd under the stage. At this year's event, we hosted the ambassadors of the event, Slovenian Olympian winners, Primož Kozmus and Lucija Polavder, who had also ran with children. At the end of the run, children took hands and crossed the finish lane in pairs, where they received medals.

After the run, director of company Skaza, Tanja Skaza, gave a voucher for 9000 EUR to the Association of foster parents of Celje. All collected funds will be used by the foster parents to draw smiles on children's faces. All of them, about 150 of them, will be taken on a vacation by the sea next year. Some of them will see the sea for the first time.

These are not all donations that were given on Sunday. Since the Velenje Athletic Club and the Velenje Sports Association helped the Skaza team greatly in organizing the event, they donated each of them a donation worth 3,000 euros. Company Skaza is extremely grateful to all members of our societies for all their help.

After the run, the enthusiastic crowd waited for the performance of the group BQL. Anej and Rok sang their greatest hits and children were dancing and enjoying their songs.

Skaza is grateful for all of the support from many partners and sponsors of the event. This is why the children brought home beautiful and useful memorabilia gifts.

We will see you at 4th Skaza charity run Child to children next year.

Thank you very much!

We win when we help each other.