Dear Ambassadors of Knowledge,

We are delighted to invite you to attend Ambassadors of Knowledge meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 4th September 2019 a one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Presentation of new ambassadors


  Awarding best potencials with REFERENCA award and their MENTORS


  Socialize and meeting




Presentation of new books


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Information about the event, registration and how to travel to Slovenia


It is an event where news, efforts and special achievements in the area of knowledge are presented and the following awards are given: Reference, Mentor, Coordinator (National and International) and moreover, new Ambassadors of Knowledge are appointed.
The event is also good opportunity for authors of books (a lot of Ambassadors are authors of books) and they are present their new book (if they want).

Organizations that cooperate in the process of Learning Organizations, organizations that cooperate on the Ambassadors of Knowledge project, the participating faculties, and secondary and primary schools.

No. This is an international event attracting individuals and organizations from various parts of the world.

In the first part of the event, the new Ambassadors of Knowledge are presented and during the evening new Ambassadors of Knowledge are formally appointed.

On the event Ambassadors of Knowledge also present their new books and from current Ambassadors of Knowledge the following awards are given:


An award for good potentials who cooperated on projects or with their written contributions or practical work.


An award for individuals within an organization who provided guidance to their mentees on their way to winning an award.

National or International Coordinator

An award for anyone who coordinated good potentials, Ambassadors of Knowledge and mentors.

World Wide Writers

Present your book

23 April is the international Day of the Book, an annual event organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. This year, when we are celebrating it already 25 times in a row, we have a special invitation for all writers among the Ambassador of Knowledge.


You are kindly invited to share information about your published books, audio and video records in FB Book writers.

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