Life Learning Club 

Your global knowledge place for personal and professional growth.

The Life Learning Club allows members of various nationalities to come together and learn.  With a lot of seminars, workshops, roundtables… this club is the place to learn, share and develop new ways of thinking and connecting people.

Life Learning Club is also a accelerator for growth, motivation and an opporunity to take your knowledge to the next level. There are dedicated events and spaces for you to make the contacts that will drive your personal and profesional career where you want.




Take your career on the road to growth and International success, accelerate your career ambitions and join one of the strongest connection club for personal and professional development and growth.


  • The members are:
    • All individuals within companies cooperating in the certification process Learning Organisations Learning Brand
    • Individuals,  who wish be in constant update of information and new knowledge.

  • Life Learning Academia conducts education for individuals and organisations via the Life Learning Club.

    Membership of an organisation in the Life Learning Club is FREE to all organisations actively enrolled or certified in the Learning Organisation process Learning Brand and membership is automatically extended to all its employees. Members are eligible for all benefits offered by the Life Learning Club.

    When an organisation cancels its participation in the Learning Brand Method , that said organisation automatically forfeits its free membership as well as its employees’ but they may enroll  themselves again in Life Learning Club as individuals.

    Membership fee:

    • Individuals 25,00 Eur
    • Compaines 350,00 Eur

    In Slovenia’s society the acquisition of knowledge is a right, although some treat it as a duty. Seize this opportunity and join our motto: