‘Learning Brand’ is an international certification method for organisations (Economic , Educational and Public organisations) created by Marjetka Kastner and developed at Life Learning Academia Slovenia.



What makes Life Learning Academia stand out from other agencies or providers

There are many concepts of Learning Organisations. The concept of the Learning Organisation -Learning Brand is the only applicable concept. Other concepts have developed only theories.

A Learning Organization Learning Brand is an organization that profits from the potential of its employees and creates a working environment, where its employees can develop personally and professionally.

The characteristics of the processes within the Learning Organisation – Learning Brand certification is not simply about making money, but making money by making people happy within their workplace.



‘Learning Organisation – Learning Brand’ is an International Certification process for all organisations* no matter how samall or big they are.
*Organisations are private organisations and public organisations.

The purpose of the Learning Brand is to use the knowledge of its employees and to upgrade the existing processes inside the organisations.

The Certification process is completely guided by Life Learning Academia, which also issues the certificates. Guidance is available by fill-out forms sent by email to the co-ordinators of cooperating organisations. Forms are very simple to fill up and very useful for their own organisation data.

With the Learning Organistaion – Learning Brand processes we slowly establish better results within the following areas of the organisations:

  • communication
  • motivation
  • creativity
  • creating good teams
  • good organistaion atmosphere and cultures
  • ecology
  • ethics
  • humanitarian concepts
  •  social responsibility

The ‘Learning Organisation – Learning Brand’ process ensures continuous organisational education at different levels. Every year organisations implement one of the ‘Learning Brand’ processes to upgrade their operations. After improving all of these processes organisations will know how to manage better the acquired knowledge of their own employees and have better business results.

Academia started with the program for Learning organizations – Learning Brand on 1st September and 1st January and end of the process on 30th  March next year. All this organizations , upon the successful completion of the process, receive a certificate for becoming a Learning organization – Learning Brand.
The certificates are awarded annually at the Academic Economic Congress (AEC) event. The event is every year in the first week in June.

After the successfully completed processes, the organisations receive the Learning Organization – Learning Brand certificate.

Can this method be used by all types of companies (public or private sector), regardless of their size?

In general, yes. In a company where the management recognises the importance and use of these processes.

The processes consist of the continuous integration and building of individuals, which give added value and improve the operating conditions for the organisation itself, its employees, and the world.

Through implemented processes, the organization is responsible for each individual. With the good functioning and interconnections of organisations, a knowledge society is also being established, which is important not only for the operation in a particular country, but also for the outside.

An organization should therefore become a Learning Organization Learning Brand in order to give employees the opportunity to fully develop their potentials, to enable them to feel that they can contribute to the development of the organization and to feel their affiliation with the organization. In order to fully develop such competences, individuals need the willpower and ability to learn, connect, communicate, develop their creativity, and work in teams…

*Note: The difference between average and top ranking companies in the market usually lies in their employees. Motivated and educated employees are the key weapon of a company.  A company is only as good as the people it keeps.

Whether the process of Learning Organisations ever ends?

After use all of this precesses of Learning organisations – Learning Brand the organization must to know how to manage knowledge employees acquired.  

On the other hand the fact that the technological progress changes our world fast, a company needs to upgrade the knowledge of its employees.

Organisations need to continually upgrade knowledge because of technology that is radically and constantly changing. Organisations also continually need different processes that are associated with the development of human resources and we therefore provide a competitive advantage to them

An organization is a living mechanism, that changes, grows all the time. Inside the organization occurs a lot of changes meantime the organization is in the process of Learning Organisations – Learning Brand (entrance to the new market, change of the ownership or partnership with another organization etc.) and these changes demands an upgrade of certain processes or establishment of new-ones. Thus, organisations constantly need learning and upgrading to succeed.

The responsibility of the management is to encourage the progress of their employees.

Of course of this perspective the process of Learning Organisations never ends.




The badge for Learning Organisation – Learning Brand





Dr. Miro Cerar – Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia


Slovenia is not one of the largest countries in terms of the territory, or one of the materially richest countries in the world, but it is not poor and boasts well-educated, innovative and entrepreneureal people.

This can be our advantage, if only we can show enough deliberation and will to be able to join our forces in achieving our common goal. And this goal is an open-minded, competitive society or a country which is able to ensure welfare and satisfaction as well as the feeling of emotional attachment to the country and nation, and dignity to its citizens.


Milan Petrović – President of Manager Association Serbia


Do you think that Young managers that appear on the market actually have enough knowledge and experiences? In all generations, and it is the same in today’s young managers’ generation, there are some great and high potential  leaders. My impression is that the new generation is very agile and ready to learn and find new models of work and innovative solutions. Acces to information and technologies is very easy for the young generation, and they use it properly. Experience is something we all collect all our life, but readiness to challenge the status quo and to find new and more creative and effective ways to make business more successful, is something which is by nature more related to Young people and they have to insist on it.


Ms Violeta Bulc – European Comissioner


Guidelines for Young people for the future?

Absorb knowledge, be critical and test your perspectives and ideas in practice all the time. And in the meantime do not forget to connect, communicate and love your life.




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