What is a Learning Organisation?

A Learning Organisation is an organisation that makes a working environment enhance the employees personal and professional growth and uses the best potential of its employees.

Why do we need Learning organisations?

Because companies need knowledge for their competitive advantage. All EU and global guide lines for development are focused on transmitting and exchanging knowledge.   

Why knowledge creates a competitive advantage?

Organisations need to continually upgrade knowledge because of technology that is radically and constantly changing. This means that only highly qualified and satisfied employees create a higher added value.
The development of employees in an organisation also delivers a competitive advantage to such an organisation. Knowledge is therefore what creates a competitive advantage and enables economic development, not only to an individual organisation, but to the entire economy of a country, between countries and around the world.

Why do organisations decide to become a Learning Organisations?

An increasing number of organisations are becoming aware of the fact that learning and knowledge are the ingredients without which organisations will not be able to work successfully and exist in the future. They will not to be successful. People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference what ever the product is: cars, cosmetics products, services, etc.

What is the Learning Organisation – Learning Brand?

There are many concepts of Learning Organisations. The concept of the Learning Organisation -Learning Brand is the only applicable concept. Other concepts have developed only theories.

What makes Life Learning Academia stand out from other agencies or providers.

The characteristics of the processes within the Learning Organisation – Learning Brand certification is not simply about making money, but making money by making people happy within their workplace.

Can the process for Learning Organisations Learnng Brand be used by all types of companies (public or private sector), regardless of their size?

In general, yes. In a company where the management recognises the importance and use of these processes.

The processes consist of the continuous integration and building of individuals, which give added value and improve the operating conditions for the organisation itself, its employees, and the world.

Whether the process of Learning Organisations ever ends?

An organization is a living mechanism, that changes, grows all the time. Inside the organization occurs a lot of changes meantime the organization is in the process of Learning Organisations – Learning Brand (entrance to the new market, change of the ownership or partnership with another organization etc.) and these changes demands an upgrade of certain processes or establishment of new-ones. Thus, organisations constantly need learning and upgrading to succeed.

The responsibility of the management is to encourage the progress of their employees.

Of course of this perspective the process of Learning Organisations never ends.

What is the best key weapon in the organisation?

Motivated and educated employees are the key weapon of a company, especially in the time          of various crises and in the fight for survival between companies

When the companies get the certificate for Learning Organisation Learning Brand?

Learning Organisatins Learning Brand get the certificate Learning Brand every year after use/ manage the whole process for current year.

Where the companies get the certificate for Learning Organisation Learning Brand?

The companies get the certificate for Learning Organisation Learning Brand on annualy event called Academic Economic Congress (AEC).

How long is the certification year?

The certification year started in Slovenia on 1st September to 30th March next year. The start date varies in different countries.